ADR Training Northampton

Our professional and experienced trainers are the reason that ALTTA is one of the preferred ADR Training providers in Northamptonshire. We Offer informative, friendly and supportive ADR Training Courses in Northamptonshire that give drivers the essential training certificate needed to transport dangerous goods.

As a leading ADR training provider in Northamptonshire, we guarantee to provide drivers with the most recent, up to date and relevant training delivered by industry experts.

The ADR Training course in Northampton is required by any driver that wishes to deliver dangerous or hazardous goods/loads. Our ADR training courses in Northampton can be used as either an ADR Training refresher course or an initial ADR training course. The ADR training certificate (also known as a Hazchem Certificate) is valid for 5 years and must be carried by the driver whenever dangerous or hazardous goods are being delivered.

By law, an ADR driver is required to carry an ADR certificate when carrying hazardous or dangerous goods that are in scope of regulations. The size of the vehicle does not matter; if you are carrying ADR goods then you will need ADR training.

ADR Training Courses in Northampton

Before beginning your ADR Training Course in Northampton it is important that you know what hazardous or dangerous goods you will be carrying. The ADR Training Course in Northampton that you are complete will depend on the classes of dangerous or hazardous goods that you will be carrying.

Our ADR Training course in Northampton comprises of the following parts;

  • Core that must be completed
  • Either Packs or Tanks or both
  • Required Classes 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9

We are one of the only ADR training providers in Cambridgeshire that offer ADR Training Courses in Peterborough for Class 1. The classes are as follows;

  • ADR Class 1 Training – Explosives
  • ADR Class 2 Training – Gases
  • ADR Class 3 Training – Flammable Liquid
  • ADR Class 4 Training – Flammable Solids
  • ADR Class 5 Training – Oxidising Agents
  • ADR Class 6 Training – Toxics
  • ADR Class 7 Training – Radioactive
  • ADR Class 8 Training – Corrosives
  • ADR Class 9 Training – Miscellaneous

(Although we do not offer ADR Class 7 Training for Radioactive goods we can arrange for this training)

What Is The Duration Of An ADR Training Course

Here at ALTTA we complete the ADR training course in Peterborough through the following courses and durations;

  • 3-5 days core packages
  • 3-5 days core tankers
  • 5 days core packages/tankers

Added Bonus through Our ADR Training Course

When you undertake our ADR Training Course in Peterborough you will gain 28 hours of driver CPC, because our Peterborough Training Academy is accredited. This gives you the benefit of gaining qualifications, which allow you to apply for ADR jobs in Cambridgeshire and surrounding areas.

Where Can I Do My ADR Training Course

The ALTTA team is based in Peterborough so you can carry out your ADR Training Course in our Peterborough Academy. This is just off Junction 17 on the A1M allowing easy access from Essex, Cambridge, Northampton, Lincolnshire, Norfolk, Huntingdon, Nottinghamshire and surrounding areas.

Should you require more information then please call 01733 237115 or email

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