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Banksman Course

Here at The Altta Group, we help companies comply with Workplace Regs 1992 & HSE Guidance and Approved Codes of Practice in relation to vehicle control and operations within the workplace. To equip employees with the skills and understanding of the roles of the vehicle driver and banksman in reversing operations within the workplace. 

Banksman Course

The Health and Safety at Work Act requires employers to control the working environment to ensure the safety of all those involved in the operation. Also to provide adequate training, instruction, and supervision for employees. And our accredited RTITB vehicle banksman course does just that.

Controlling the movement of vehicles within a yard is vitally important. If you have decided that the reversing of vehicles within your yard should be controlled and monitored by banksmen, all parties must be aware of their roles, responsibilities, and personal safety.

This course will cover all of the required elements to ensure the correct and safe movement and segregation of vehicles within the working environment and the safety and best practices to be used by those involved in the control of moving vehicles.

The length of this course would be 1 day and cover both theory and practical skills and knowledge.

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