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Counterbalance Forklift Training Peterborough 

Counterbalance forklifts are the most commonly used forklifts globally. They contain a counterweight to the rear so that they can lift immensely heavy loads without the risk of tipping over. These forklifts vary in lifting capacity and lift height and are available in either 3 or 4 wheel drive.

With our comprehensive, thorough training here at The Altta Group, we will cover everything from different fuel types to the difference between driving a 3 or 4 wheel drive truck. This will provide you with a strong foundation of knowledge you need to carry out your job safely and the tools to familiarise yourself with the specific forklift you will need to operate within your workplace.

Expert Forklift Training Across the UK

We offer our training either at your site or at our dedicated training facility in Peterborough. Whichever option you choose, The Altta Group guarantee excellent service from start to finish and will ensure that you and/or your employees are trained to the highest standard. What are you waiting for? Get in touch today. We’re always happy to help!

Should you require more information then please call 01733 237115 or email

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