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VNA Man Up Forklift Training Cambridgeshire

VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) Man Up forklifts are used in incredibly narrow warehouse spaces and cases where there are very high shelves. These trucks have many complex functions and precise controls to navigate and function safely in tight spaces. The operator cab can rise to very high levels to allow the driver to have optimum visibility when removing loads from a height. These trucks can be wire-guided and operate on runners and caster wheels to maximise the precision and safety of the operator.

At The Altta Group, we offer VNA forklift training across Cambridgeshire so you can make sure your business maximises its warehouse space and that you and your employees are working as safely as possible. As this type of forklift training is more specialised, we cannot offer this at our Peterborough based training academy. However, we can come to your site and deliver the training without you having to go anywhere. That way, we can train you within the environment where you will be applying your training, plus you won’t have to travel!

Expert Forklift Training Across The Country

We’re proud to have a friendly team of experts here at Altta, and we’re always happy to help. We offer a range of forklift training that we are able to deliver across the UK, and if there’s something we don’t provide on our website, we’re happy to point you in the right direction.

Your safety and skill development is our biggest priority, so if you’re in need of specialised forklift training for your business, look no further than Altta. Get in touch today and kick start your training journey!

Should you require more information then please call 01733 237115 or email

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