Our Peterborough training academy can offer you towing training.


The rules covering towing can be a complicated matter but don’t worry, we are on hand to answer your questions and make sure that you are legal to tow on the road.


How will we do this?


We can either answer your questions with a phone call or arrange an assessment and a towing training course (B+E training).


Who requires towing training/B+E training?


If you passed your driving test after the 1/1/1997 then you are able to drive a car but you cannot tow anything over 750kgs. This can be a real issue for those who wish to:


  • Transport horses
  • Go on caravan holidays
  • Work in the construction industry and wish to tow a generator or a piece of plant behind them.  


How do you know if you have the driving entitlement to tow a trailer?


If you passed your test before 1/1/1997 then your licence has a category B+E included, which allows you to tow a trailer with a vehicle not exceeding 3500kgs.

Your B+E training will take place in Peterborough and the test is carried out at the Peterborough LGV test station.  The towing test will test your driving skills, not just how you manoeuvre a trailer.  We would strongly recommend that before your towing training commences you should return to correct driving techniques by:


  • Steering your vehicle by pushing and pulling the steering wheel and not crossing your hands
  • Using your mirrors more and moving your head not just a flick of the eyes
  • Think about your lane discipline and positioning on the road
  • Sticking to speed limits (remember 30mph means no more than 30mph)
  • Keep a safe distance between you and the vehicle in front
  • Buy or download the latest edition of the highway code to refresh your knowledge
  • Ask yourself; would I pass my driving test today


The B+E course will teach you to drive with a trailer on the roads of Peterborough, which will equip you to drive on any roads that you may encounter in the future.  The training course will teach you:


  • How to check a trailer to ensure it is road legal
  • How to hitch a trailer to a vehicle in a safe and legal manner
  • How to move off safely
  • How to un hitch the vehicle
  • How to reverse the trailer in a confined, prescribed area
  • How to manoeuvre safely around a variety of roads including the motorway


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